The British Army Had Freed Them.

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This is it. Im just dead, she told herself. But on Sunday morning, April 15, Magda was outside the barracks when she heard loudspeakers announcing, You are liberated. The British army had freed them. That first night, Magda and her cousins slept in a clean German barracks, and her aunts, who had contracted typhus, were hospitalized. A month later, the five of them traveled to Prague. At one point, Serene and Maca decided to go back to Munkacs. Magda declined to join them. I had such a beautiful memory of my hometown. I just didnt want to lose that, she said. Magda went to Sighet, where most of her surviving relatives convened. (Of Magdas 32 relatives who boarded the train to Auschwitz, 12 first cousins and two aunts survived.) But after seven months, she returned to Prague in preparation for moving to the United States, where three uncles and one aunt had immigrated before the war. Magda arrived in New York on March 24, 1947.

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